Adam W. Bowman

Licensed Massage Therapist

I became a massage therapist 11 years ago when I graduated from the Honolulu School of Massage located in the beautiful island of Oahu. This was a unique experience for me as I had just served 4 years in the Army Infantry. I found myself in a whole new world, but I knew that I was perusing a talent that was driven from within. Now I have taken that talent and molded it with a strong education and years of experience.

My goal with every massage is to give the perfect massage. I know that when it's my turn to receive a massage I want my therapist to own the moment, and to give me the attention my time and money deserve. So I aim to take the guess work out of finding the perfect therapist and it begins with professionalism. Finding a comfortable setting is essential to receiving the benefits of massage. With that being said, I take every opportunity to create a space that is both inviting and healing. Your comfort is my concern, and I encourage each and every client to have a voice.

My philosophy in massage is to bring the body as close to anatomically correct as possible while staying within my scope of practice. The body has a specific design and function, and optimal health is found when we balance our physical, mental, and emotional selves. I also believe that having a keen sense of touch is like having a sense of humor. You can't learn how to develop one but you can learn what to do with it. My intuition and sense of touch have set me apart from my peers and my clients know the healing power of my hands. I have been given a gift, but it would go to waste without someone to receive it. Remember this is your moment, so bask in the healing art of massage.

Why Spa 4 Life?

Because my standards will exceed your expectations. Spa 4 Life is committed to providing a service and an experience that is more than just an hour of relaxation. I strive to make a positive impact in your life each and every time. Why not have a therapist who loves giving massage as much as you love receiving it.