With so many varieties of massage, Spa 4 Life finds it best to blend techniques in order to maximize the effects of the treatment. Perhaps one day you need to address pain and trauma, and on another day your needs are more in line with managing stress and fatigue. As healer's go, Adam is there to guide you through your massage and lead you into balance with your health.

When addressing chronic pain and long standing issues, therapeutic massage can be the answer to your riddle. Far to often many of our clients find us after exhausting their time and energy on costly medical treatments. Western medicine certainly has its place but it can never replace the power of human touch and intuition. Over the years we have helped many people not only determine the root of their issues but have eliminated them all together.

Time is what you pay for. I don't bog you down with a multitude of choices and prices. Each massage is tailored to your specific needs so the only massage we offer is the perfect one for you. Whether you need a strong and focused massage or you just want to melt away. Spa 4 Life will always provide an excellent service at the same reasonable price. I want massage to be an affordable and an available means to obtaining health and happiness.

Introductory Massage


At Spa 4 Life I offer your first massage at an incredible rate because I believe once is all it takes to discover how amazing the Spa 4 Life experience is.

*Please inquire about other prices and packages.